Year: 2014

OFCCP submitted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to OMB on Friday, November 21.  Once OMB reviews, it will be placed on the federal register…  Read more
A month and a half has now passed since the release of the new scheduling letter, and the OFCCP has finally provided  federal contractors with…  Read more
The OFCCP has selected a new regional director for the Southeast Regional Office.  Sam Maiden will be the new director of OFCCP’s Southeast Regional Office…  Read more
Components of the Selection Process DCI will be hosting the final installment in its Webinar Wednesday series today, November 12th, at 2:00PM EST. This session will…  Read more
OFCCP has posted a new FAQ detailing the acceptable options for a contractor in documenting the voluntary invitation to self-identify as an individual with a…  Read more
Art Gutman recently summarized the ruling in Lopez v, City of Lawrence, a police promotion disparate impact case.   In this case, a district court judge…  Read more
 The case is Marcum v. Dolgencorp (E.D. Va., No. 12-108, 10/16/14) and the reason for the settlement has nothing to do with adverse impact.  The…  Read more
The requirement to list job openings with the appropriate employment service delivery system (ESDS) where the opening occurs is not new. However, contractors have questioned…  Read more