Rachel Monroe, M.S.

Rachel Monroe, M.S.

HR Analyst
Rachel Monroe is an HR Analyst working on the compliance team at DCI. In this role, she assists with the development of affirmative action plans and EEO/VETS reporting.

Rachel joined the team in August 2016, after receiving her graduate degree in May 2016. Rachel received her Master of Science degree via the Industrial/Organizational Psychology track and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Missouri State University.

During her first year of graduate studies, Rachel worked in the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at Missouri State assisting the student population with disability accommodation services. In fulfillment of her graduate degree requirements, Rachel completed a human resources internship at AMP New Zealand, a financial services company. During her second year of graduate studies, Rachel was awarded a Teaching Assistantship in the Psychology Department at Missouri State to manage the HELP desk (a statistical and research design consulting center for undergraduate and graduate students). Rachel has practical experience and working knowledge of data management and statistics, and skills with a variety of data analysis programs (e.g., EXCEL, SPSS, and R).

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