Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Practice: Learning From those Leading the Charge

Date: April 4, 2019

Location: Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center (Washington, DC/National Harbor)

Presenters: Lisa Harpe, Ph.D., Emilee Tison, Ph.D.


34th Annual SIOP Conference 2019: Organizations continue to seek new and innovative ways to tackle their human resource needs. In response, sophisticated analytical techniques and tools continue to be developed and used; for example, common big data and predictive analytic techniques can span from web scraping to digital interviewing to gamified assessments. This panel will highlight ways these data sources and techniques have been used across several, diverse organizations. Presenters will participate in a discussion to (a) describe how data collection and analytic methodologies were selected to align with organizational needs, (b) highlight the value add or realized benefits of using these techniques, and (c) identify techniques used to evaluate the validity and/or legal risks associated with the selected methodology.

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