A federal contractor operating globally within the technology industry was in search of a consulting company with the resources and expertise to undertake an extensive Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) process. The contractor had worked with a number of consultants in the past to fulfill its equal employment opportunity (EEO) and annual affirmative action obligations. However, the contractor required a quicker turnaround on AAP delivery and implementation.



DCI Consulting Group was able to exceed the contractor’s expectations. DCI provided the skill and proficiency to accommodate the contractor’s complex organizational structure while achieving a prompt turnaround. DCI successfully developed and implemented nearly 200 AAPs covering over 50,000 employees within the expected timeframe. DCI worked closely with the contractor to provide the deliverables for effective AAP development and implementation.

Written Narratives: The contractor received customizable narratives for women and minorities as well as individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.

Utilization Analysis: The contractor’s current representation of women and minorities was assessed by job group and compared to the availability of qualified women and minorities within and outside the organization. DCI identified specific goal areas where necessary as well as assessed progress made toward prior year goals to evaluate goal progress.

Disparity Analysis: DCI analyzed personnel activity data to identify any areas of disparate impact involving members of protected groups. Personnel actions such as hires, promotions, and terminations were carefully assessed for early detection of potential risk.

Implementation: DCI conducted a company-wide roll-out training to ensure understanding of the AAP process, affirmative action obligations, and implementation planning. Additionally, DCI provided localized follow-up sessions that fit seamlessly into the contractor’s establishing training schedule.



DCI was able to provide the federal contractor with a comprehensive solution to meeting its EEO and affirmative action obligations in an efficient and effective manner. In addition to customized training for proper management implementation each year, the contractor received the deliverables necessary to ensure compliance.

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