A large international company approached DCI Consulting Group (DCI) with a need to assess diversity in various stages through the employee life cycle, identify potential barriers, and create diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to remove identified barriers. DCI partnered with this organization to consult on the personnel actions of interest and necessary metrics to identify and chart potential barriers for women and persons of color. The personnel stages of interest to this client were applicant attraction, employee selection, promotion, and attrition.


DCI’s extensive knowledge of equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, outreach and recruitment, applicant tracking systems, statistical analyses and software development  made the design and development of a diversity metrics dashboard a success. DCI worked with internal and external programmers to develop a diversity metrics dashboard that identifies the potential barriers at each personnel stage of interest.  Barriers were identified as potential disparities to protected groups of interest e.g., persons of color and women.

The format of this diversity metrics dashboard is in Excel format to allow for customization of results e.g. graphs.


Since the diversity metrics dashboard was developed in DCI software, personnel data can be collected and analyzed periodically or annually to assess progress towards removing potential barriers. Results can be reviewed individually or as a trend assessment to track progress. The diversity metrics dashboard is used by the client to support internal initiatives to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion programs and policies e.g., using availability benchmarking and attrition patterns.

DCI Services;

The diversity metrics dashboard can be expanded to meet corporate needs e.g., expanding interest groups to individuals with a disability and veterans. DCI’s knowledge of analytics also allows for consulting advice on the most appropriate unit of analysis to identify possible barriers though the employee life cycle e.g., region or line of business, pay level or other grouping.

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