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How do your company’s D&I initiatives measure up?

We’ll help you see a clear picture of where you are now and what it will take for you to achieve your diversity goals. Our comprehensive benchmarking services shed light on best practices so you can focus on effective strategies and solutions that really work.


DCI consultants will partner with you to find meaningful data benchmarks,either through a custom diversity survey or by identifying readily-available data sources.

The Diversity Survey Process

It’s no secret that diversity drives success.The first step in measuring diversity and creating a more inclusive workplace is to identify relevant benchmarking data. Our diversity surveys allow us to do just that.

In addition to gathering, organizing, and analyzing meaningful data, we’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of what actions you should take to reach your objectives:

  1. Prepare
    Organize industry consortiums and collaborate with business leaders to understand data gaps and agree on data terms.
  2. Collect
    Provide the means to securely, anonymously, and voluntarily collect ongoing workforce data through an online survey platform.
  3. Report
    Aggregate industry workforce data annually and make it available for you to purchase, with custom reporting options if you choose to include additional comparison benchmark sources.

Pipeline Source Identification

Diversify your talent pools, enhance your hiring. When it comes torecruiting, DCI experts are uniquely qualified to help youthink outside the box. We’ll work with you to identify additional talent benchmark sources beyond the readily-available Census EEO tabulation so that your talent pools will better reflect the workforce you seek.

There are several source options to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. We’ll evaluate each option, taking into account recency, job/industry specificity, employee grouping options, and overall robustness. Our consultants will help you determine the most practical and meaningful option for your organization.

Other data source options include:

  • EEO-1 aggregate data
  • STEM data
  • Ph.D. source data
  • Census EEO tabulation industry data tables
  • Peer benchmark data

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