Analysis customized for your organization.

Using customizable statistical models that mirror OFCCP enforcement activity, Title VII case law, and social science best practices, we provide a thorough analysis of your organization’s pay groups.


We conduct the study in a manner that meaningfully accounts for your corporation’s corporate structure and in accord with standards set forth under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (“Title VII standards”). We develop appropriate employee comparison groups by identifying employees who are “similarly situated” under Title VII standards in that they perform similar work that requires similar skills, qualifications, and levels of responsibility.


We condense our findings and present them to our clients in an executive summary protected under attorney-client privilege.


If salary adjustments are warranted, we will assist your company in developing a strategy to compute such adjustments, including:

  • Comparing actual and expected salaries to identify both overpaid and underpaid outliers.
  • Determining what action to take with regard to such outliers.
  • Calculating equitable adjustments for other underpaid employees in a manner that yields a pay disparity that is no longer statistically significant.

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