Pay equity is a critical concern for every organization.

That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary software program that enables us to spot pay disparities and recommend adjustments that you can trust. We offer a software option, full service consulting, or a combination of the two.

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Using multiple regression analysis on employee groupings, we look at variables such as tenure or prior experience to see if they can account for pay discrepancies. Simply put, our sophisticated analytics tools are designed to help us evaluate who gets paid what, and why.  We then use this information to create strategies you can use to eliminate inequalities within your organization.


We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your organization’s pay groups using customizable statistical models that mirror OFCCP enforcement activity, Title VII case law, and social science best practices, and we’ll condense our findings and present them in an executive summary. Our expertise also includes partnering with attorneys to deliver detailed analyses and practical advice.


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