Could your employment tests

be doing more harm than good?


Our experts will help you find out.

In the fight against systemic discrimination in the workplace, employment tests and other selection methods have become an important issue for both the EEOC and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Under current guidelines, your company’s employment tests and policies could be unlawful. To validate your selection procedures and mitigate your risks, you need experts who can offer guidance and support.

A multi-pronged approach.

At DCI, our unique expertise lies at the intersection of I/O psychology, employment law, statistical methodology, and the enforcement landscape.We aren’t experts in just one of those areas; we know it all. We also know how it all comes together—and this knowledge enables us to provide you with the most sophisticated consulting services available.

Your DCI consultant will:

  • Evaluate your organization’s selection procedures to determine your potential for adverse impact.
  • Provide an objective review of content and job-relatedness evidence to make sure you’re measuring what you should be measuring.
  • Conduct formal validation research of your selection procedures to help you see how effective and legally-defensible your employment decisions are.

DCI consultants have experience with a variety of selection procedures, policies, and screening tools—all of which can be challenged under disparate impact theory. After a comprehensive evaluation of your employee selection system, our experts will help you understand your risks and plan next steps.

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