Online Training

Conducting an EEOPay Analysis
Time: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Cost: $99

For Federal contractors and employers alike, pay equity, and the monitoring of it, is an important company issue. Additionally, the wage gap that exists between men and women (as well as different racial and ethnic groups) is certainly a political hot button issue. This training will provide a legal context for pay equity, as well as some of the different methods for analyzing pay data to identify disparities. We will also provide some recommendations and considerations for conducting pay analyses and, if necessary, making salary adjustments. After attending this training, participants will have an understanding of the following.


Main topics include:

  • Why EEOpay analyses are conducted
  • Which current laws pertain to pay equity
  • How the typical analysis is conducted and what the results mean
  • What should be considered before making any salary adjustments
  • What goes on in an OFCCP audit as it relates to compensation

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