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Module III: Implementation: Beyond the Written Plan
Time: approximately 25 minutes

Module III is an essential component for any compliance or HR professional’s training (or refresher) in affirmative action compliance obligations. This module provides an in-depth review of the numerous compliance requirements that are separate from, or tangential to, a company’s affirmative action plan. Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of what all of their obligations are (separate from their required analytics and narratives, which were covered in Module II), as well as information for implementation.


Main topics include:

  • Taking Action: What to do with the results of your AAP
    • Addressing Underutilization
    • Addressing Adverse Impact
  • Federal Contractor Obligations
    • Annual filing with EEOC and VETS
    • Self-Identification
    • Job Listings
    • Equal Opportunity (EO) Clause and Policy
      • Internal & External Dissemination of Policy
      • EO Tagline Requirements
      • Local Facility Reminders
    • Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Employee and Applicant Accommodation
    • Training
    • Self-Assessment and Internal Auditing

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