Online Training

Module IV: Availability, Utilization, and Goal Analyses
Time: approximately 45 minutes

Module IV provides an in-depth discussion covering the regulatory requirements and practical implications for a proper availability set-up, utilization analysis, and goal summary. These reports and analytics are the heart of an affirmative action plan. The training will provide a breakdown of the regulatory requirements for an understanding of how the analyses are conducted, interpretation of results, and importance of the set-up. The training will also provide recommendations for each set of requirements to aid the participant in their own availability set-up and utilization analysis.


Main topics include:

  • Availability Analysis
    • External Availability
    • Internal Availability
    • Factor Weighting
  • Utilization Analysis
    • Legal Requirements
    • Who is included?
    • Methods and Examples
  • Goals Analysis
    • Placement Goals
    • Goal Attainment

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