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Module VI: Compliance Begins with Recruiting
Time: approximately 25 minutes

Hiring tends to be a major focus for the OFCCP. Due to this and the various compliance obligations related to hiring, the role of a recruiter or other talent management professional is critical to successful compliance. This module provides a comprehensive review of recordkeeping and self-identification obligations, as well as a major focus on understanding the Internet Applicant Regulation, including its effect on analyses and the importance of getting basic qualifications right. Although this is “recruiting” focused, this training should be considered essential to the training of any compliance or HR professional given the importance of hiring and applicant analyses for proactive AAPs and audits.


Main topics include:

  • Recruiters and Compliance
  • Record Keeping Obligations for Federal Contractors
    • Recordkeeping for Internal & External Searches
  • The Internet Applicant Regulation
    • Expressions of Interest
    • Data Management Techniques
    • Basic Qualifications
    • Applicant Withdrawal
    • Applicant Disposition Coding
  • Soliciting Applicant Self-Identification Data
    • Sex and Race/Ethnicity
    • Protected Veteran Status
    • Disability Status

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