Addressing Virtual Work in the Disruption of 2020

DCI is an I/psychology consulting firm that hosts extensive technical and consulting expertise; because of this, we can provide holistic, customized solutions to meet organizations’ needs. Our focus is not to ‘sell’ – we do not have off-the-shelf products.  Instead, we focus on being a credible, trust-worthy partner who engages our clients to strategize, assess risk, and identify/create rigorous solutions to meet their unique needs.


DCI can help by performing initiatives outright or assisting with strategizing or supporting Human Resources professionals as they accomplish their goals for ensuring a bright future.  Additionally, DCI can conduct research required for any critical Human Resources projects that were underway before the pandemic that have been put on hold due to the high demands of staffing work.  Some of these projects include:

  • Updating performance management systems
  • Revamping compliance systems and performing statistical analyses
  • Preparing materials required for responding to OFCCP audits, EEOC investigations, and litigation

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DCI Consulting is a risk management human resources consulting firm strategically located in Washington, D.C.

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