OFCCP's Contractor Portal

Each year, federal contractors and subcontractors must certify that their organizations are compliant with OFCCP's requirement to develop and maintain current affirmative action plans. 

Accurately certifying compliance with these regulations is critical, since OFCCP may use certification status, or lack thereof, to schedule compliance reviews of contractor establishments.

Federal Contractors must certify their compliance for all eligible establishments or functional AAPs between April 1 and July 1, 2024. Is your organization prepared?

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Leverage your AAP for organizational change. Full service consulting can include audit-ready AAPs and is prepared by experienced consultants. Our most popular option, consulting gives you peace of mind.


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If your organization has 150 employees or fewer, Pronto AAP is an affordable and practical way to create a compliant Affirmative Action Plan. Create an account for free. 

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