OFCCP's Contractor Portal - Affirmative Action Program Certification

What is the Contractor Portal? The portal is a web-based portal created by OFCCP. It will serve two main functions for interacting with federal contractors:

  • Require contractors to log in on an annual basis and certify that they are in compliance with OFCCP affirmative action regulations
  • When scheduled for an audit, require contractors to upload the desk audit submission to the portal
Federal Contractors are now required to certify their Affirmative Action Program Compliance. Are you prepared?

More information can be found on OFCCP's Contractor Portal webpage

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OFCCP Certification

Separate from OFCCP's Contractor Portal, this FREE compliance check is to help identify which regulations apply to your organization and identify any gaps in compliance.

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Pronto AAP

If your organization has 150 employees or fewer, Pronto AAP is an affordable and practical way to create a compliant Affirmative Action Plan. Create an account for free. 

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AAP Consulting

Leverage your AAP for organizational change. Full service consulting can include audit-ready AAPs and is prepared by experienced consultants. Our most popular option, consulting gives you peace of mind.

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