Bias Audits of Automated Employment Decision Tools

With decades of experience in the evaluation of selection assessments, our experts can help your organization's selection tools remain compliant and equitable.

Why DCI?

Prior to conducting a bias audit, it's important to determine which federal, state, or local laws apply to your organization. DCI's experts can help your organization determine these laws’ applicability to the employment assessments it uses, as well as help design the analysis to be used. On the surface, a bias audit may appear straightforward. However, there are intricate complexities and considerations involved in conducting high-stakes adverse impact analyses that are aligned with research-based best practices. These nuances are critical because various laws in effect or in proposed form mandate that organizations' bias audit results or information about the bias audits used be made public. Once it has been determined whether and which laws apply, DCI can serve as your independent auditor to ensure compliance with the relevant laws. 

For over 20 years, DCI has been offering independent audit and expert review services, covering both traditional assessments and assessments powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to evaluate compliance with professional and legal standards such as the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. Our team of experts brings in-depth knowledge of: 

  • The broader legal framework and the professional and legal standards governing the use of selection procedures
  • The specific requirements of the various relevant state and local laws 
  • The development, implementation, and validation of selection systems and assessments
  • Nuanced statistical issues associated with conducting adverse impact analyses of employment decisions

Most importantly, DCI brings extensive experience conducting high-stakes adverse impact analyses of assessment results across various proactive and legal scenarios. This unparalleled experience and expertise enable DCI to guide your organization towards compliance with bias audit laws while navigating the broader equal employment opportunity landscape.

Our consultants are known for their white glove approach. We take the time to properly structure your data, explain your results, and prioritize your next steps. Lawsuits, fines, and negative press all affect the bottom line. Partnering with us can save your organization money and protect its reputation - all while ensuring your selection practices are equitable and legally compliant.

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