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We craft your AAPs with purpose.

Our consultants combine knowledge of affirmative action regulations with experience dealing with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to ensure that your AAPs are completed in a compliant and strategic manner. We specialize in structuring your data and workforce in ways that allow for the most accurate analyses possible while minimizing the risk of adverse action being taken by OFCCP during the course of a compliance review.


Our knowledge means your success.

With decades of experience, we know the challenges employers face in taking action based on the results of your AAPs. We have in depth experience helping HR, legal, and compliance teams implement their affirmative action programs and can help your organization prioritize compliance efforts to most effectively use resources and make positive change in your organization.

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We focus on the details.

Without accurate analytics, your organization may make changes based on your affirmative action reporting that waste time and resources - or make your organization's challenges worse. Our consultants know the common pitfalls that employers face when producing the data required for AAP analytics and can partner with your team to identify and clean inconsistencies so you can be confident your analytics are dependable for decision-making.

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