Selection Procedure Development & Validation Research

Under current guidelines, your company’s employment tests and policies could be unlawful. To validate your selection procedures and mitigate your risks, you need experts who can offer guidance and support.

Accomplish Organizational Goals

In the fight against systemic discrimination in the workplace, employment tests and other selection methods have become an important issue for both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

We will work with you to customize a scope that meets the needs of your organization. 

Scope could include:

  • Evaluate your organization's selection procedures to determine your potential for adverse impact
  • Provide an objective review of content and job-relatedness evidence to make sure you're measuring what you should be measuring
  • Conduct formal validation research of your selection procedures to help you see how effective and legally-defensible your employment decisions are.

We’ve conducted job analysis research across a wide range of industries and roles.

Formal Validation Research

We will analyze employment decisions that have been made based on selection tools. This research is often multifaceted and complex. Strategies include:

  • Criterion approaches that use existing data to statistically test the relationships between selection tools and work outcomes of interest
  • Content-oriented approaches that leverage available job analysis research to evaluate the match between job information and selection tool content
  • A variety of other approaches that borrow validity evidence from other sources and determine the extent to which those results generalize to new situations

Test Audits

Auditing your tests will identify and document all tests and other tools used to make employment decisions. We'll evaluate potential adverse impact and job-relatedness and we'll offer advice on how to remediate your risks.

Types of Tools

Are your selection tools accomplishing your goals? Are you using the most effective and appropriate tools possible? Tools may come under scrutiny by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Our review may include 

  • Tests, Interviews, and Work Simulations
  • Qualification Screens
  • Background Checks, Including Criminal and Credit Screens
  • Physical Ability Tests
  • Predictive Analytics and Big Data Algorithms

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