Adverse Impact Analysis

Every personnel decision risks resulting in adverse impact. Understand your liability and mitigate risk.

Project Scope

Adverse impact is a substantially different selection rate between groups that puts members of certain groups at a disadvantage. Understanding this area of liability is often crucial.

We can conduct adverse impact analyses on your organization’s application, promotion, and termination decisions, identifying areas of concern from a statistical and a practical standpoint.

Our consultants will provide best practice recommendations on personnel decisions to mitigate your risk moving forward.

Steps Analysis

If you are complying with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP), it may be useful to evaluate the steps, or stages, in a selection process that may be causing a barrier to an employment outcome.  DCI consultants are experts in adverse impact and the detailed stages of defining selection procedures.  Our statistical experts can evaluate which stage of the hiring or selection process (e.g., interview process, resume review, selection test) may be the root cause of adverse impact.

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