EEOPay: Pay Equity Software

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Why EEOPay?

Accurate Reports

EEOPay is the tool you need to complete an accurate, defensible pay equity analyses for your entire organization.

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With user-friendly template, EEOPay simplifies complex EEO statistical models.

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Recognized methods

EEOPay uses statistical methods accepted by the courts, EEOC, and OFCCP.

Am I a Good Candidate for Pay Equity Software?

A good candidate for pay equity software has the following: 

Comfort and knowledge around statistical analyses

Plans to analyze pay equity more frequently than once a year

Has in-house staff well versed in legal, statistics, and compensation

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EEOPay Reporting Includes

Pattern of Disparity Reports

Wage Gap Report

Salary Adjustment Calculator

Large Employee Group Comparisons

Small Employee Group Comparisons

Non-Statistical Comparisons

and more!

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