Job Analysis Research

A comprehensive job analysis may uncover critical information for your organization. 

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Accomplish Organizational Goals

  • Redesigning jobs
  • Setting compensation
  • Identifying skill gaps and training needs
  • Updating job descriptions
  • Developing and validating selection procedures or policies

We’ve conducted job analysis research across a wide range of industries and roles.

Our customizable consulting services will help you make essential employment decisions, from hiring and training to assessing and promoting.

Selection Tool Development

We are not a test vendor selling off-the-shelf assessments, but we can partner with you to create tests, policies, and/or other tools that your organization will own at the end of the process. We have experience with a range of employment tests and test vendors and we know how crucial it is to develop selection procedures that address your organization's specific needs.

Essential Job Functions

The Americans with Disabilities Act may play a key role in the value of job analysis research. The Act states that an employee is qualified if he or she can perform the "essential functions" of a job (either with or without reasonable accommodations). We can identify the essential job functions of positions within your organization, including any physically-demanding requirements

Identify Workforce Competency Gaps

Whether you want to evaluate your current workforce, consider future changes, or determine whether skill gaps exist, our services are customizable according to your needs. 

Job Similarity Analyses

A job analysis could answer questions that come up in litigation. It can be useful in determining the similarity of duties, worker characteristics, and context across jobs or job families. 

Competency Modeling

Competency modeling allows us to define the specific requirements of a job. It is a process closely related to job analyses, but may be preferred by stakeholders to more traditional job analysis approaches. In competency modeling, we develop job element clusters used to describe jobs and performance. These clusters help us identify the skills, knowledge, and abilities that employees will need to perform a job.

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