Compensation Consulting

Increase competitiveness. Reduce risk. Motivate staff.
Our experts can assist your organization in creating a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of your employees and organization.

Phase I

Job Architecture Development

DCI will assess the roles your organization has to truly understand them. From there, we'll categorize your positions based on relevant factors to establish a structured hierarchy and define a clear pathway for advancement.

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Phase II

Pay Band Creation

DCI will work with stakeholders like management, compensation leaders, and legal to determine the appropriate compensation system parameters, including compensable factor identification, geographical differentials, and pay range sizes. Applicable local, state, and federal laws will be taken into account, as well.

Phase III


DCI will match your organization's job families, levels, and descriptions to market data, while controlling for appropriate variables, and develop a custom job leveling guide to help identify the correct placement of your organization's jobs.

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