Employee Testimonials

Our employee culture reflects ethical empowerment, pride, inclusion, and collaboration which showcases the diversity of thought we provide to the clients we serve. Hear what our employees have to say about what makes DCI a great place to work!

I enjoy my work because DCI...

Has a Culture that Embraces Flexibility and Diversity of Thought

Greg Circular

“Of all the many things that I appreciate about working at DCI Consulting Group, I think that the culture that we’ve built and are continuously building is what separates us from other organizations. It’s a culture that embraces flexibility, celebrates diversity of thought and approach, and one that makes it easier to come to work every day. It’s been an awesome 5 years and I’m excitedly looking forward to the next 5!” Greg Cherestal

Values Their Employees

“DCI is a company that values their employee’s work-life balance and promotes a holistic person-centered approach to motivate one’s best work. Beyond all the amazing tangible company perks, my DCI colleagues are the best in the industry. Working side-by-side with DCI colleagues, we first listen to understand our clients’ needs and then provide customized multifaceted solutions. This same principle and approach is evident with DCI’s internal focus on our own needs as employees. DCI is of the highest caliber because civility is at the forefront of our employee experience.” Marcelle Clavette

Marcelle Circular

Transparent and Approachable

rajendra elias circle

“DCI has transparent leadership and great benefits! After completing 1 year with DCI, I can say we get more than promised and offered, from the employee benefits, the opportunity to learn and grow, and the freedom to apply our skills and ideas. Leadership and managers are very transparent and approachable. Working in the diversity and equity domain gives me great satisfaction. I get to do what I believe in.  I'm proud to be part of the DCI family.” Rajendra Elias

Enables Employees to Grow

“I am proud to say I work at DCI. The company truly values its employees and culture, and that enables us as employees to grow and feel passionate about our careers.” Christina Georgia

Tina Circular

Making a Positive Impact

cristina maldonado circle

“At DCI, they care about their people. Fostering a positive employee experience is always leadership’s top priority which transcends into the service we deliver to our clients. Across the firm, from Operations to our Consulting Services, our experts focus on making a positive impact to our clients by working collectively to provide meaningful, action-oriented solutions to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.” Cristina Maldonado

Feels Like Family

“DCI really is a family. The personal growth that is not only encouraged but celebrated shows each employee how valued they really are. Since I started interning at DCI, to now being a full time team member, everyone at the company has made me feel like family and has supported my development.” Tyler Wurtz

Tyler Circular

Ensures Employees Excel in their Professional and Personal Lives

Murray Circular

"My favorite anonymous quotation is: 'Autograph your work with excellence.'  Each day at DCI I get to work with like-minded colleagues whose pursuit of excellence in their work inspires and fortifies me.  I am surprised how often I tell friends and family members how glad I am to work at DCI.  Doing so comes easily because DCI strives continuously to ensure employees excel in both their professional and personal lives.” Murray Simpson

Performs Interesting Work

“I joined DCI for the opportunity to work with extremely smart people and perform interesting work. I have not been disappointed. What makes DCI unique is the level of talent combined with a willingness to share each other’s expertise and learn from one another.” Lisa Harpe

Lisa Circular

Provides Support from Managers and Leaders

Macy Circular

“When I first joined DCI as a recent graduate I was looking for a position where I could engage in meaningful work and develop along the way. Over the past 3 years I have been provided opportunities to sharpen and diversify my skill set all while helping my clients achieve equal employment opportunity! At every step of the way, I have the full support of my direct manager and DCI’s leadership team. To top it off, DCI’s culture is unmatched! From the focus on engagement to the prioritization of employee wellbeing, I enjoy each of the unique aspects of our company culture.” Macy Cheeks