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Bring Your Affirmative Action Plan to Life with DCI Dashboards

Maximize your AAP potential by visualizing AAP analytics at a glance.

DCI Dashboards - AAP Data - provides the ability to dig deeper into areas of your organization and track your progress through comprehensive visuals that will impress your C-Suite. The dashboards are designed for ease-of-use, enabling easy manipulation and multi-year trending.  Appropriate for both corporate and local review, the DCI dashboards will not only save time, but will provide new insights into company trends and identify priority areas. 

Meaningful analytics and statistics in an easy-to-understand format.  
  • Visualize AAP results, including:
    • Employee Representation 
    • Goal Summary & Goal Attainment  
    • Adverse Impact for hiring, promotions and terminations 
    • Summaries for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities 
  • View AAP summaries and dig into specific regions or areas of the workforce 
  • Trend results over multiple years and across locations 
  • Break out results by AAP job group or job title 
  • Identify priority results for research and action planning 

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Attainment Over Time

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Distribution by Job Pattern

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technology & Security
What browsers support DCI Dashboard?
The following browsers can access DCI Dashboard: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera
How secure is DCI Dashboard?
We use industry best practices to ensure your data is as secure as possible.  1) User access is fully controlled by the client POC. 2) Multi-Factor authentication is required upon each login session. 3) No employee information is stored in DCI Dashboards - only summarized AAP results. 4) Each client organization's information is physically stored in its own separate database.  
Will DCI Dashboard include midyear or quarterly update plans in addition to annual plans?
No, DCI Dashboard is for annual plan results only.  
If my company has multiple sectors/entities/or has a FAAP structure, can a dashboard be created for each separate sector, entity, or function?
Multiple dashboards will incur additional costs. We will talk with you and your consultant about what might make the most sense for your organization. 
After receiving my DCI Dashboard, if I would like to revise the AAP data due to error or organizational changes, can the dashboard be updated?
Revising and reimporting data will incur additional fees. Best practice is to ensure your data is accurate before we upload to the dashboard. DCI will confirm in writing with you that your plans are final prior to dashboard development.
For this first year of use, can a company have multiple years of data uploaded?
For year one of DCI Dashboard, the standard offering will be for one annual plan upload. You may elect to have the first dashboard project include the next annual plan project or recently completed annual plan project for additional fees. 
Access & Users
How quickly will my data be uploaded?
Uploading data to DCI Dashboard is the final step in your annual AAP process. It will only take a few days to upload data, but it is important your data is considered final before uploading. DCI will confirm in writing with you that your plans for the year are final prior to dashboard development.
Can there be multiple company users?
Yes. The DCI team will invite the identified main point of contact to access the dashboard. This user will automatically be an Admin User and will be able to invite an unlimited number of users to their dashboard. The initial Admin User may also assign admin rights to other users, which will allow for them to invite users as well. The Admin Guide will provide step-by-step instructions.
Will all users have access to all AAP results?
No, the Admin User(s) will assign location access at the time of invitation and can modify access for a user at any pointAdmin Users will also have the ability to create location access groups to make the assignment of related locations easier, if desired. 
How much does DCI Dashboard cost?
Cost varies by organization size. Fill out our interest form to receive a quote.  
How many years of data is included for my first year of use?
For year one of DCI Dashboard, the standard offering will be for one annual plan upload. You may elect to have the first dashboard project include the next annual plan project or recently completed annual plan project for additional fees. 
Who do I talk to for pricing and more information?
Please join us for a client-only demo! We will go over the benefits of the dashboard. If you have any specific questions, please submit them here.  A recording of the demo will be available in the client resources library.
Can my consultant provide a demo?
Please join us for a client-only demo! Your consultant will work with you if you choose to add the DCI Dashboard service offering, but your best resource for learning about the product is to attend our upcoming webinar. 
Can I have access to a demo account?
We do not have demo accounts for review at this time. To learn about the functionality, we recommend attending our client demo. We are also happy to answer any specific questions you may have. 

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We will partner with you to create annual AAPs in compliance with Executive Order 11246 and the implementing regulations set forth in 41 CR 60-1, 60-2, 60-300, and 60-741. Consulting includes onboarding, data cleaning, an executive summary, and additional support as needed!

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It is critical to understand how your organization would fare in an OFCCP compliance review. When you know what to expect in an audit, you can save time, money, and your company's reputation. We are here to help you prepare by identifying risk areas and addressing potential compliance concerns for your organization. 

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Pronto AAP is an affordable online software option only available to businesses with 150 or fewer employees. For organizations looking for an in-house approach, Pronto AAP offers a user-friendly platform backed by industry-experts. Hourly consulting help is available as needed.