Moving to Functional AAPs?

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You may have been hearing a lot about functional affirmative action plans (FAAPs). Most organizations develop their federal affirmative action plans (AAPs) by “establishment” or location. However, in today’s world where employees frequently work remotely and report to managers at another location, an establishment doesn’t mean much.

If your organization operates in functions or business units, we can help you develop AAPs that are more meaningful for your organization. Functional AAPs can be the right answer for large or small organizations that don’t have traditional buildings or locations, and FAAPs can be the right answer when reporting lines are about how you work and not where you work. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is encouraging organizations to use FAAPs, so now is the right time to move to FAAPs.

Our Consulting team can:

  • Provide your organization with guidance on how to move from traditional AAPs to FAAPs
  • Help your organization apply for permission to use FAAPs
  • Prepare your affirmative action plans by function or business unit rather than establishment
  • Get your organization ready for an OFCCP compliance evaluation if you’ve moved to using FAAPs

We’ve helped organizations throughout the United States transition to FAAPs and go through successful compliance reviews using FAAPs. Let us help your organization next!

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