Pronto AAP: The Software Solution for Small Businesses

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Why Pronto AAP?

Comprehensive User Guide

The user guide will walk you through the entire AAP process. It's easy and user-friendly.

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No Sensitive Information

You include your organization's structure, job titles, employee counts and demographics and personnel activity. No sensitive personally identifiable information about your employees is needed.


No money is due until you have completed the process and are ready to export your AAPs.

Am I a Good Candidate for Pronto AAP?

A good candidate for Pronto AAP software has the following: 

150 employees or fewer

Time and internal resources to complete the AAP process

Available data and willingness to complete data cleaning process 


Hourly consulting is available

Contact our team with questions:

Only $895/Location

Pronto AAP Includes All Required Components of An Affirmative Action Plan

Organizational Profile

Job Group Analysis

Placement of Incumbents in Job Groups

Placement Goals

Hiring Benchmarks for Veterans

Selection Disparity

and more!

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