OFCCP Audit Support

If you are being audited - you want the best team to support you.

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The DCI Difference


Negotiation with OFCCP

We have experience working with OFCCP and will defend our work and help you navigate the audit process. We can represent our clients on OFCCP matters.


Experience & Knowledge

Our extensive OFCCP knowledge and experience navigating audits make us the premier choice for audit support.


Audit-Ready AAPs

Our thorough data checks give you the option to prepare audit-ready AAPs annually, so there's no scrambling when you receive a scheduling letter.


Support if Review is Escalated

If you receive a Notice of Violations and/or Conciliation Agreement, or if your review is escalated to litigation, we can defend your work at a high stakes national office level. We have experience defending organizational audits with OFCCP national office staff. Our team can conduct additional analyses, calculate back pay, and provide strategic guidance.

Audit Support Packages

We provide overall strategic support and help your organization submit materials in the best manner possible.

This includes:

  • Strategy and risk assessment advice
  • Preparation of the desk audit submission package
  • Assistance with follow-up requests
  • Preparing your team for interviews


Mock Audit Packages are Available

Early Resolution Conciliation Agreement (ERCA)

During an OFCCP audit, OFCCP may seek to resolve potential violations through an Early Resolution Conciliation Agreement with Corporate-Wide Corrective Action. As part of this settlement, federal contractors may agree to a wide variety of remedial initiatives. This may include statistical monitoring as well as evaluation and refinement of HR processes.

We are experienced at preparing ERCA reporting items and will work with you through the entire process.

Are you on the CSAL?

If your organization is listed on the Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL), be on the lookout for your scheduling letter. Once your scheduling letter is received, you have 30 days to submit your AAP. 

Free Audit Guides:

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AAP Services:

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