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Environmental Social Governance

ESG is Vital to Your Business Strategy

Your customers, stakeholders, investors, and business leaders want to see how your company is acting on behalf of the common good. Environmental Social Governance measures efforts pertaining to sustainability and conservation, the treatment of people, and how the company is being conducted to make financial predictions.

Here at DCI, we can help with the Social and Governance aspects of ESG. We help solve organizational challenges for our clients so that they can leverage the results to affect company change. 

Our ESG Insights

Implementing an ESG data strategy that will drive change and enhance the value of your company requires the help of trained experts. Our consultants discuss aspects of ESG you should be considering:

DCI's Contribution to ESG

Keli Wilson, M.A.

In this video blog, Keli discusses the demand we have seen for ESG related measures and how we can be a strategic partner to your company. 

Public Disclosure or Transparency

Joanna Colosimo, M.A.

Join Joanna as she explains pay transparency as it relates to ESG reports and what organizations are doing to prepare for these disclosures. 

Pay Equity

Lisa Harpe, Ph.D.

An important element of the social aspect of ESG is pay equity. Lisa explains the distinctions between wage gap and pay equity studies, as well as how they pertain to your social commitment. 

Diversity Metrics 

Tyler Wurtz, M.S.

Meet Tyler and learn how diversity metrics, including racial equity studies, can help you successfully implement changes in your organization when included in an ESG report. 

Disability Inclusion

Marcelle Clavette, M.S., CALC

Marcelle details how disability inclusion increases company accountability and strengthens ESG reporting through quantitative measurements or qualitative narratives.



Racial Equity Audits 

Chad Peddie, M.A.
Chad discusses the ESG report and how organizational studies like racial equity reviews or civil rights audits can be leveraged to examine the social component of the ESG report.


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