Custom Availability Reporting and Trending

Accurate and current data regarding who is available and qualified to fill your organization’s open positions is critical to identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges to increasing your workforce equity. DCI can guide you to the best available sources and conduct analyses to show you where your organization can strategically focus outreach and recruitment.

Whether your organization is creating a compliant AAP or proactively looking for strategic opportunities for outreach and recruitment, customized availability reporting can provide a more accurate, reliable roadmap than traditional data sources like the American Community Survey.

That’s where we come in.

DCI’s experts will help you determine the data sources that are best for your industry, location, and recruitment needs. Using our proprietary statistical software, we can create a much more accurate picture of the available labor pool.

What does that mean for your organization?

Accurate availability reporting can help you set goals that are more realistic and attainable. Whether setting placement goals for your AAPs or proactively setting aspirational goals, your analysis will be much more accurate and beneficial.

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