Robust Diversity & Equity Analytics

Assess your workforce equity with an analysis customized to meet your needs. From two decades of working on equal employment opportunity (EEO), we know that every organization is unique.

Let us help you meet your goals.

We will work with you to determine which descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and/or prescriptive analytics and whether qualitative or quantitative approaches will benefit your organization. Below are a few of our most common projects:
  • Barrier or Root Cause Analysis
  • Civil Rights Audit/Racial Equity Review
  • Workplace Culture Review
  • Strategic Workforce Planning (e.g., Mergers/Acquisitions, Reductions in Force)
  • Human Capital Disclosures
  • Workforce Diversity Analysis
  • Labor Force Availability Source Advisement
  • Talent Acquisition Lifecycle Dashboard
  • Employee Lifecycle Dashboard
  • Intersectionality Analysis
  • Pay Equity Index
  • Policy Review
  • Surveys
  • Selection Outcome Study
  • Velocity of Promotions & Attrition Study

A strategic diversity plan will be provided at the conclusion of project engagements. This plan will provide a roadmap of intervention efforts to enhance workforce equity. 

Example Work:

Diversity & Equity Assessment
Availability Research & Review
Velocity of Promotions & Attrition
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Diversity at a Glance: Labor Force Benchmarks

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