Civil Rights and Racial Equity Audits

The objective of an audit is to identify whether the organization is contributing to or perpetuating systemic concerns or bias.   

Let us help you meet your equity goals.

We will work with you to identify the root cause of equity concerns and provide a strategic roadmap for change that identifies areas of concern, goals meant to eliminate those concerns, and examples of how to make progress towards meeting those goals. As part of this review, DCI will review the following types of information to determine root cause issues:

Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data Table

In addition, DCI engages in landscape studies that allow for industry-wide research efforts to understand the state of social and racial justice commitments, progress made, and additional opportunities that exist for different stakeholders in the industry. 

DCI partners with external counsel for attorney-client privilege coverage in proactive evaluations.

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Racial Equity Audits with an ESG Focus

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