The DCI Internship Program

DCI's Mission
DCI is a rapidly growing company with a mission of advancing workforce equity and organizational effectiveness through our dynamic client partnerships. Join our team as an intern!


About Our Internship Program

We offer internships in several job areas that are open to students earning their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. in varying degree programs. Given our niche in industry, it is important that we grow our own talent from within to ensure we foster work principles and values that meet client expectations and at the same time allow our interns to gain applied, practical work experience. This is accomplished through on-the-job training and mentorship to help nurture and navigate our interns’ employee experience. 

More information about our opportunities and internship types can be found below.


  • Opportunities for HR Interns typically open in January/February of each year.    
  • Positions will be posted on DCI’s Careers page and social media platforms 


  • Open to students earning their Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. in varying degree programs. 
  • DCI values providing interns with adequate applied, practical work experience while completing their academic study. At time of application, interns should have another academic year remaining prior to graduation.  


  • Our internship duration is up to one year. 


  • Interns are full-time (up to 40 hours) during the summer and part-time (up to 20 hours) during the school year. 
  • Interns work flexible hours during their academic programs to foster a successful academic/work training balance. 


  • Competitive salary is offered based on educational pursuits. 


  • This paid internship may be completed at our headquarters location in the heart of Washington, D.C., or in a fully remote setting depending on preference and business necessity. 


If you are detail-oriented, possess strong communication skills, and enjoy working on a team, this is the internship for you! DCI is looking for those who are passionate about diversity and inclusion, people analytics, and providing actionable solutions.  

Internship Types & Job Responsibilities

HR Interns - Consultant Track (Support DCI Client Work)

HR Interns on the Consultant Track could support either our Workforce Equity & Compliance Strategy Division or our Employment and Litigation Services Division

Workforce Equity & Compliance Strategy

DCI team members within our WECS Division partner with our clients to provide full-service OFCCP audit support and strategy, develop Affirmative Action Plans (AAP), conduct pay equity analyses, develop DEI strategies, and incorporate the use of workforce analytics to resolve workplace challenges. 

  • Prepare federal Affirmative Action  Plans.
  • Provide support with preparing and filing federally mandated employee data reports. 
  • Provide support with client DEI strategies and analytics. 
  • Prepare data for analyses (e.g., clean, organize, etc.,). 
  • Assist with client management. 
  • Conduct research/literature reviews. 
  • Conduct statistical analyses. 
  • Provide administrative support. 


Employment and Litigation Services 

DCI team members within our ELS Division partner with our clients to design state of the science employee selection systems, evaluate workforce systems and processes, and ensure applied research is considered in the context of applicable state, federal, and international laws, and regulations. 

  • Prepare federal Affirmative Action Plans.
  • Provide support with preparing and filing federally mandated employee data reports. 
  • Provide support with client DEI strategies and analytics. 
  • Prepare data for analyses (e.g., clean, organize, etc.,). 
  • Assist with client management. 
  • Conduct research/literature reviews.
  • Conduct statistical analyses. 
  • Provide administrative support. 
HR Intern - Human Resources Track (Support DCI Employees)

DCI team members within our HR Division provide internal strategic human capital management support and manage our daily HR operations. This is your opportunity to gain meaningful experiences from talented HR professionals! You are an ideal HR Intern candidate within our HR Division if you are passionate about working in an environment that supports DEI and employment law initiatives, solves critical workplace challenges leveraging data, and provides career growth opportunities. You understand daily HR department operations, polices, procedures and the laws, rules, and regulations that govern them. You are motivated, have strong attention to detail to provide quality services and products, and can communicate in a manner that demonstrates professionalism and expertise. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize competing tasks appropriately to meet deadlines. 

  • Provide support with talent acquisition activities (e.g., position description development, applicant evaluation tool development, talent acquisition marketing, recruiting, onboarding activities, etc.). 
  • Provide support with employee survey development and execution. 
  • Provide support with daily HR operations (e.g., benefits/compensation administration, employee records, planning activities, employee events, etc.). 
  • Provide support with strategic human capital planning and activities. 
  • Conduct research/literature reviews. 
  • Conduct statistical analyses. 
  • Provide administrative support. 

DCI team members within our Marketing Team provide marketing strategy for all consulting service items. The team is responsible for learning and being knowledgeable about DCI products so that they can effectively market across email, social media, the website, and other mediums. As a Marketing Intern you will brainstorm with the Marketing Manager and Marketing Team to develop new campaign ideas and gain hands-on experience and exposure to different facets of marketing. You are an ideal Marketing Intern candidate if you are passionate about addressing workplace equality, understand marketing principals and best practices, and are willing to jump in and help wherever needed. 

  • Create and design digital material using Photoshop.
  • Adhere to brand guidelines and complete projects according to a deadline.
  • Retouch and manipulate images . 
  • Use graphic design software and work with a wide variety of media.  
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Manager to develop design concepts.
  • Edit and proofread written pieces and designs.
  • Receive feedback and make necessary changes.
  • Assemble final material . 



DCI team members within our Software Division create innovative technical solutions to meet customers’ compliance and risk management needs. DCI’s software portfolio includes web and desktop applications used by DCI team members and external customers. 

  • Design, develop, and maintain software applications. 
  • Develop new applications and make updates to existing applications. 
  • Directly communicate with customers to gather software requirements.
  • Research technical problems and suggest improvements.
  • Meet pre-determined project and task deadlines.
  • Provide technical guidance and facilitate troubleshooting.


Internship Engagement Opportunities

See examples of DCI intern engagement opportunities to enhance the organizational culture and internship experience. 

  • Interactive games, team building activities and exercises (Virtual escape the room, Charades, Trivia, Show & Tell, etc.)  
  • Focus groups 
  • Leadership meetings 
  • Mentorship program 
  • On the job training
  • Coffee chats 
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Social committees  


Hear From Current & Past Interns:

Springboard in preparing me for a full-time HR role

"Joining DCI as an intern was the greatest decision I could have made for my career! As an HR intern at DCI, I was given the tools to strengthen and refine my skills in supporting client projects. DCI’s positive reputation in the industry, coupled with my knowledge and capabilities, was a springboard in preparing me for a full-time HR role at another company after completing graduate school. My interest in DCI’s mission, resulted in me returning to DCI years later to continue my growth as a Consultant and now a senior leader!"
-Joanna Colosimo (HR Intern External)

Joanna Colosimo

I learned what knowledge and skills it took to become a consultant

Tyler Circular

"I began as an intern working with operations. Having an understanding of the innerworkings of DCI gave me incredible skills when transitioning from an administrative employee to a consultant. While an intern at DCI, I learned what knowledge and skills it took to become a consultant. This provided an incredible advantage while still going to school which let me tailor my learning career to advance in a consultant role. Starting as an intern in operations also gave me the opportunity to create relationships across the organization which I still hold dearly to this day."
-Tyler Wurtz  (Operations/Admin/Research Intern)

Polished my skills and bridged the gap between grad school and corporate life

"Interning with DCI has been the most rewarding experience for my career and personal growth. I had the opportunity to lead important projects and collaborate with some of the most renown professionals in the industryThis internship has polished my skills and bridged the gap between grad school and corporate life. DCI’s mission aligned with my personal values, so it was a no brainer to complete my internship here. The DEI work we do makes me feel like I am making a difference, and for that I will always value and cherish my time at DCI."
-D'Mayah Church (HR Intern Internal)

D Church

Relevant experience that has transitioned to my experience in the classroom

Jair P

"As a DCI intern, I am gaining relevant experience that has transitioned to my experience in the classroom. DCI is a family, and working around high-achieving, accomplished individuals inspire me to reach bigger goals. This experience has helped to guide my career development and has not ceased to provide valuable hands-on experiences. I am a big-time advocate for this company and the work we do in DEI. I am loving my time at DCI."
-Jair Portillo (Current HR Intern External)

One of the most valuable experiences during my time at grad school

"My internship with DCI was one of the most valuable experiences during my time at grad school in that it was a slice of “real life work” that can’t be simulated in the classroom, no matter how good the professor or curriculum. Right from the start, I was involved in various projects within my department, and my managers and supervisors were a dream to work with, making sure that I wasn’t overwhelmed while also allowing me enough leeway to leave my stamp on the deliverables I was responsible for. The workplace atmosphere – even while fully virtual – was welcoming and friendly, and it was evident right away that this was a company that took pride in working hard, but understood that employees with full lives are happier and more productive. I knew pretty early on that if offered a full-time position, DCI was where I wanted to be, and as it turns out, I was absolutely right!" 
-Megan Kim (Marketing Intern)

Working Circle (1)

Varied and meaningful project work

Jana Garman

"As a DCI intern, I benefited from doing varied and meaningful project work, I learned nuanced industry skills, and I felt welcomed by a high-achieving and warm professional family. To say this impacted my career development would be an understatement. Eleven years later, I am still happily thriving at DCI and would characterize my job and the company in the same way as when I started as an intern: meaningful and motivating."
-Jana Garman (HR Intern External)

Everyone was so amicable and accommodating

"My internship experience showcased what a tremendous place DCI is to work! Everyone was so amicable and accommodating throughout as well as respectful towards my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. My responsibilities evolved throughout the internship; I was asked to perform research which would go on to become integral for future marketing decisions! I am so thankful for my intern experience and the opportunity to continue full time with such an outstanding organization!" 
-Josh Beck (Marketing Intern)

Josh Beck

My opinion was always valued

Amanda Beety

"During my internship, I was able to make meaningful contributions as well as gain interesting experience. I appreciated the mentoring I received from the leaders at DCI and I felt that my opinion was always valued. The internship provided the opportunity to improve my communication, organization, and adaptability. I received project management opportunities that honed my leadership skills that prepared me for a management role four years later. "
-Amanda Beety (Marketing Intern)

I have grown in my position

"Since joining as an intern in summer 2021, I have felt immediately that my contributions, as well as feedback, were valued by DCI. I appreciate the thorough trainings offered and the mentoring provided to support me, both by my immediate team and a mentor outside of my direct team. When I had a problem, they were immediately helpful in letting me know who could give me answers if they did not have them or in adapting things. I have gotten to grow in my position as an intern and receive more independent responsibilities once completing enough training to feel confident in independent work. I appreciate the trust my manager gives to my skills and knowledge that I bring to this position. This work has felt challenging enough from what I worked on in school to stay engaging while also being fulfilling in seeing a final result brought through my gained skillset. "

-Jasmine Beecham (HR Intern)

J Beecham

I learn about how to collaborate as a team


"I’m glad that I am working for DCI, the working environment is not only professional but also friendly. Everybody in the software development team helps me improve my skills and knowledge to handle real-life problems. I also learn about how to collaborate as a team to tackle difficulties." 

-Thomas Huynh (Software Intern)