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Topic Toolkit: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resources


When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion - how does your organization measure up?

DE&I is important to your employees, shareholders, and applicants. We believe in a data based approach to DE&I. Our insights and best practices can help you get where you want to be. Reach out for more information on our services.


Join DCI Consultants as they discuss intersectionality.

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Leveraging AAP Data DEI   Availability Sources

Part 1 of the Webinar Series: Disability & Inclusion in the Workplace
Getting Ready! Removing Barriers to Employment for Individuals with a Disability



Lessons from the 2021 webinar Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategy. Clients can view the full recording in the Client Resources Library


"Diversity in the workplace is understanding, accepting and valuing differences between people. These differences can be different race, ethnicities, gender, ages, religion, disability, sexual orientation. You can also have differences in education, personality, skillsets, experiences, and knowledge bases. So diversity means differences and starts with everyone asking "What makes me unique?" Equity is promoting justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures or processes and policies or distribution of resources within an organization. Equity means everyone has what they need to do to be successful, my focus is on what is fair instead of what is equal. Inclusion in the workplace is a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that aims to increase the participation and contribution of all employees. Inclusion means that everyone feels safe contributing their unique ideas."

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Section 503 Checklist for Employers:
Section 503 Checklist

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