Workforce Equity & Compliance Strategy

Haley Fisk, M.S.

Associate Consultant

Haley Fisk joined DCI in 2021 and currently serves as an Associate Consultant in the Enterprise Solutions team. Haley serves as a trusted partner to clients, providing invaluable support in navigating complex HR compliance challenges.

In her role, Haley primarily assists federal contractors and subcontractors with OFCCP compliance, such as preparing affirmative action plans, conducting pay equity compensation analyses, and providing strategic audit risk guidance. Haley brings her expertise to diverse client industries and sizes, specializing in creating Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs), conducting Reduction in Force (RIF) analyses, and performing regulatory compensation analyses.

Haley earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Xavier University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. Her combined academic expertise and professional experiences in the space allow her to offer comprehensive and tailored consulting services to clients, fostering diverse work environments and ensuring compliance with federal regulations.