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Recognizable Social Media Company 

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"I would like to again say thank you for all of the great and hard work and the amazing collegiality along the way"



The company was pushed by litigation to perform an internal audit of their workplace environment. Through a 3rd party legal service, the company reached out to DCI for a holistic and comprehensive cultural assessment.

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DCI's Solution

DCI launched an investigation into company issues including but not limited to representation at senior leaderships levels, advancement to management level positions, disciplinary practices for manager and non managers, and social policies at work events.

DCI identified a need for changes to many of these areas and came up with strategic recommendations to implement in both the short term and long term to create meaningful changes to the culture.

DCI recommended a centralized workplace investigation team to follow up on employee complaints, as well as a consistent process for disciplining employees. These policies will ensure that all investigations of workplace concerns are thorough, follow clear and standardized procedures and are conducted with both empathy and care. All disciplinary actions should be standardized and apply equally to all members of the workplace.

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The contractor took meaningful steps to improving their workplace culture and build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for all employees. 

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