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OFCCP Mock Audit



Publicly Traded international transportation and e-commerce company that has been a federal contractor for years. 

The name and identifiable information have been removed for privacy considerations. 

"[The consultant] was very helpful throughout the process"



The contractor had an upcoming OFCCP audit and wanted to be prepared. The contractor solicited DCI's experts to conduct a mock audit to prepare them for the data requests and OFCCP interviews. 

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DCI's Solution

DCI evaluated the AAP and related documents in accordance with the current CSAL and itemized listing, inclusive of Item 19 incentive compensation. DCI conducted a Question and Answer phase, much like OFCCP would, with requests for additional documentation. Lastly, DCI performed critical reviews of regulatory items (e.g., state listing, self-ID forms, EO clause, tagline, posters) in a manner similar to OFCCP.

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The contractor was prepared for OFCCP as soon as they received their scheduling letter and received a notice of compliance following a question and answer phase, request for data and a successful on-site visit.

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