Employment & Litigation Services

We rely on rigorous scientific methods from the fields of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Statistics, and Labor Economics. We practice consulting principals to provide the best solutions to meet our clients' needs and work to understand the intersection of enforcement approaches, case management, and legal precedent with our work.

HR & EEO Analytics
Litigation Support
Selection & Assessment

HR and EEO Analytics

We evaluate the fairness of employment practices and whether such practices impact applicants or employees differently on the basis of gender, race or age. We utilize our expertise in industrial organizational psychology and labor economics to construct sound statistical analyses to assess whether an employer’s employment practices adversely impact applicants or employees protected under federal and state anti-discrimination regulations.

Litigation Support

The Litigation Support Team partners with law firms and clients to provide exceptional quality litigation support. We gather a deep understanding of the business of the client and the facts of the case, design research to support opinions, and write compelling expert reports to document opinions that will be presented in deposition and trial.